Parasite "informal ones"

Arriving in our Baku about two months ago was well-known Alikhanyan-Boner who, worthy of a note, was not alone, as she was accompanied by her husband, academician Sakharov and three, as they called themselves, "informal persons"- employees of the Institute of Ethnography of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR: Batkin, the shouting Starovoytova, and laborer Zubov who had been expelled from the Academy of Sciences' Institute of Oriental Studies for being a parasite.


Let's first speak of Sakharov and wonder who he is and what he represents within the given period of history of our society. It was known yet in the times of Prophet Moses that personal biography of a human no way reflects either his intellect or his intellectual life. For many years, a thinking part of our society was concerned over the persecutions against Sakharov, considered him a victim of arbitrariness, backed him, who had begun to fight alone the ruling top of our state, regretted him, who had been sent on an exile to Gorkiy, and honestly trusted the torment nature of him-caring last ally Alikhanyan-Boner who everyone thought had been suffering heavily from an incurable eye disease.


That quantity of Nizhny Novgorod interviews that Sakharov spread through Alikhanyan-Boner to abroad received backing from the community, despite being malicious and anti-state. And how could it be another way? He was the sufferer! Nobel Prize winner!


No one lets him get the prize at home! They want to drive him out of homeland, etc.!


But right when he was in Gorkiy, Sakharov, as they say, had his thinking changed sharply. He turned from a talented scientist into a common research officer who receives pension for doing nothing and idle talk.


The science ended so Sakharov was turning into a fighter for peace and perestroika and at the same time slandered against everything that was happening in our country and sowed seeds of inter-national discords. Through his aide Alikhanyan-Boner Sakharov sends to abroad his meanness and platitude writings directed against all the Soviet. He allegedly doesn't interfere with the internal affairs of the Soviet government! But who are you? If you mumbled such at another time...


Or you defiantly declare that our troops shot down our own soldiers who had been surrounded in Afghanistan. I'm surprised at softness of our high-ranking military leaders who seem to have been apologizing before the mean actions of anti-Soviet Sakharov.

On contrary, such toadying only glorifies Sakharov not only in the ill eyes of his ally but also in the eyes of him-surrounding toadies like Batkin, Zubov, and Starovoytova.

So, Sakharov arrived in Baku with an olive branch of a peacemaker prescribing to us, just imagine, to cede Karabakh to the Armenians. Of course, this voyage of Sakharov had been masterminded by Aganbegyan-like Dashnaks through Alikhanyan-Boner and, in order to make his team more impressive, the former shark was added by toadies like Batkin, Zubov, and Starovoytova.

But yet when in Gorkiy, Sakharov started falling into trans, saw the beginning of syndrome of disappearance of reaction to all that surrounded him. He was taken out of this trans by Alikhanyan-Boner, who permanently whispers clear phrases to Sakharov who is in semi-trans state.

Suddenly, Sakharov shouts loudly: "Yes! You are to know this as well. And you should also know it", etc., i.e. a manner of speech A. I. Raikin used to speak.

I recall active Boner at the end of 1940s-beginning of the 1950s. Various rumors about her were set afloat in Moscow. These rumors, both true and untrue were perfectly summarized by L. Sheynin in his "Notes of an Investigator" so I'd like to invite all those eager to known about Boner's activity in those years to read that book. The book makes everything clear!

I wonder, if the academic milieu makes Sakharov "a people's deputy" and he gets a seat somewhere, will his prompter Alikhanyan-Boner be permitted to be near him as an officer? If yes, then in what capacity? Will it be the capacity of a parliamentary secretary? Or will she act as a patronage sister?

Sakharov has now lost his voice of a struggler; he currently speaks in a Gendel voice that is unheard even within two steps away from him. Instead, there is a cassette meanness in the form of duet Sakharov-Alikhanyan-Boner that is obediently spread over by his toadies for not only common Soviet rubles.

As for parasites and stickers Batkin and Zubov, much has been said by other authors; but as for crying Starovoytova who is "ethnographing" at the Sakharov-Boner stage, just a little has yet been reported. Her outraging, defiant behavior in Baku makes it possible to describe this person as a paid actress whose all thoughts are designated to inflame inter-national hostility in our state.

The first two volumes of magazine "Motherland" that have just been issued make us think, due to the magazine's aims and tasks, that this magazine is an organ of the Sakharov-Boner Co. The newspaper published a lampoon by Chita Sevdagyarova insulting the dignity of Soviet people, and a crying editorial by Starovoytova that calls for ceding the Nakhchivan Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic (ASSR) from the composition of the Azerbaijan SSR and including it in the composition of the Armenian SSR, through a referendum among Armenians. So Karabakh is not enough for them! True, appetite comes when you eat. It is a great pity that decree of the Presidium of the Supreme Council of the USSR titled "On Criminal Responsibility for State Crimes" and attachments to it (Articles 7, app. II) have been issued just now. They had to appear earlier! If so, either Sakharov or Alikhanyan-Boner or stickers like Batkin, Zubov, Starovoytova and other Aganbegyans would have had quite another responsibility before the Soviet people and their Law.


                                                                                                                              Ziya Buniyatov.