On the threshold of the Victory Day when the fascism and Nazism were overthrown – it is a moral imperative to remember a man who displayed courage, went through the “Great Patriotic War from the first to the last day(in tome), from Caucasus to Berlin (in space)”. It was fearlessness, strength of will and grit that helped him get out of difficulties through life. Note that Hero of the Soviet Union, Acad. Ziya Musayevich Buniyatov did not lose his qualities in peacetime. He was successful in upholding his achievements in public life and science. He performed great services to the science which have been recognized by not only Soviet but foreign researchers as well, keep representatives of the neighboring Republic awake. Alas, the science has become a battlefield. For nearly 50 years Armenian pseudo-scholars have gone off into hysterics and are trying in every possible way to cast dirt not only on the research works of Acad. Z. Buniyatov but his scientific heritage as well. From year to year a range of the so-called “specialists and denunciators” is growing to involve various rascals (Z.B. called them “patronizing apologists”), and among them is Victor Schnirelman (chief scientific researcher of the Institute of Ethnology and Anthropology of the Russian Academy of Sciences), “a scholar” who is very far from medieval history, yet, “identifies himself with Armenian scholars that subject Buniyatov to severe criticism”. Strange it is but apart from Armenian scholars there are researchers of other nationalities who at one time gave nice notices to the monograph ”Azerbaijan in the 7-9 centuries”. These include Prof. V. Minorskiy (Cambridge), W. Brands (Frankfurt-am-Main), B.Spuler (Hamburg), Prof. E.Belyayev (Russia), P.Gryaznevich (Russia), V.Gukasyan (Azerbaijan), Prof. V.Beylis (Ukraine), etc. So Schnirelmahn is too young to question views of the scholars above. It is deplorable but we have to shatter the quiet of the Academician after 16 years of his murder, for frenzied Dashnak-lovers cannot stop disturbing this rest. 
Nobody but Ziya Musayevich Buniyatov proper is able to give his critics and opponent a hard time. As he noted, “one should remind them of the truism that writing works in ancient and medieval history calls for a special linguistic training, source study and textual work before interpreting the material historically …” (Z.B. Izvestiya of the Academy of Sciences of the Azerbaijan SSR, ИФП, 1987,  № 4, p.133). To all appearances, the fear before Z. Buniyatov is still so great that the Academician is, as a rule, opposed by a group of persons, rather a pack, to make it easier for them to gnaw, annihilate, to jumble the profanes by abundance of names. It is ridiculous and grievous, but the surge of hysteria, fury and incessant malignance of the representatives “long-suffering people” has been caused by  a monograph by Z.M. Buniyatov ”Azerbaijan in the 7-9 centuries”. The monograph inflicted a never-healing wound to the Armenian scholars, since it “prejudiced the historical tradition of the Armenian statehood in Caucasus”(!?) (Buniyatov, Ziya Musayevich –Wikipedia. Pages 2 of 8).   Let’s appeal to Acad. Z. Buniyatov: “For some time past, some Armenian scholars and those advocating them have established a sort of monopoly on Albanistics and thus disentitled researchers from other regions, including Azerbaijan, to deal with this issue. I had to face this problem and drain the cup of prohibition on the subject. However, there were some sensible Armenian scholars, including S.T. Yeremyan. At present, some Armenian researchers are coming out in a united front and thus transformed the Albanistics from science into politics. In so doing, they forget that Albania is a cultural heritage of many peoples, in the first turn, Azerbaijan. Acad. I.A. Orbeli is right in writing about”Armenian nationalistic pseudo-scientific fantasies“ (See Selected works, Yerevan, p.292), his words are canonized, for he remains to be one of the founders of Caucasian studies and Albanistics, founder of the Armenian Academy of Sciences” (Z.B. Izvestiya of the Academy of Sciences of the Azerbaijan SSR, ИФП, 1987, № 4, p.135).     
When reading Z. Buniyatov’s works, one wonders at his perspicacity: his views are topical even today despite many years have elapsed since! Suffice it to read the following: “For some time passed there spring up semiliterate and illiterate publications, whose authors are engaged in manipulating practically canonized historical facts, revising accepted and rechecked materials from ancient and medieval written sources. All these are primarily done by ignorant people whose specialties are rather far from questions they are eager to revise and reject”. (Z.B. Izvestiya of the Academy of Sciences of the Azerbaijan SSR, ИФП, 1987, №3, с.124). After decades Acad. Z. Buniyatov gives his answer to all those dissatisfied by his monograph: “my book “Azerbaijan in the 7-9 centuries” appeared in 1965. Why did some people appeal to it in 1982? (in 17 years!) (and in 2013 – in 48 years!! – Z.К.), especially as much has been written about it, so that a whole monograph might be compiled. However, interest in this research work does not reduce now, and as an author I am flattered that the Sarkis Tarziyan Fund keeps on spending money for Robert Hevsen’s scribble” (Z.B. Izvestiya of the Academy of Sciences of the Azerbaijan SSR, ИФП, 1988, №2, p.113). Even today, there some people who get into the web of lies skillfully woven by Robert Hewsen and Co. Poor V.A. Schnirelman fell into net, however, fees of “Armenia today” compensate him for possible moral damage.                 Time does fly, generations change, a fewer is a number of people who knew Z. Buniyatov personally and today’s youth asks a question: “Who is Ziya Buniyatov?”  He is a honorary freeman of Pankov, a Berlin’s district; first honorary freeman of Urgench; honorary freeman of Astara and Geychay; in 1982 for great services to the study of Turkey’s history he was elected a corresponding member of an historical society; in 1988 – its honorary member. The Hero of the Soviet Union, he has a lot of titles and awards, that’s not it. He might be talked about much, however, it’d be appropriate to make the judgment of this extraordinary man from his works, publications, reviews and opinions of his contemporaries and scholars contained in Internet, not from absurd Dashnak 
accusations and insinuations. When you get to know him, you will be spiritually enriched and never forget this man-legend. Suffice it to remind that out of the multimillion army to withstand the enemy during the war, just two of them (!!!) from a battalion of military offenders were rewarded with the Gold Star of Hero: Caesar Kunikov and Ziya Buniyativ, i.e. more than a mere hero. In peace time he also protected the history and boundaries of his Motherland – Azerbaijan, he did it honestly and safely. Even after he was elected an Academician, he remained simple, an advise-giver and tutor for everybody. “I’m far from idealizing the past, however, the people must know their history …, Ziya Buniyatovich used to say – ...Today’s mind draws its might from yesterday’s. I dream that years-long works of mine be used not only by historians, but by people of other professions as well, to benefit from them and thus ensure an integral link of heart, mind and spirit with the present”. He perpetually appealed to the youth: “Without the knowledge of the past, without the ability to summarize the historical experience and make adequate conclusions, it is impossible to forecast the future or make serious plans!”  Acad. Z. Buniyatov emphasized that “it is very important for all  to know the history of his people, the history of adjacent countries, but especially for the rising generation. The latter should be aware of detailed information about the history of Azerbaijan with its heroic pages to thus foster the patriotism and love for Motherland”. In his numerous statements and speeches the scholar appealed to the subject repeatedly. He was anxious of who would rule the future he fought for during the war and upheld in peacetime. He lamented that “scientific works are published in short run, and mostly bought by specialists. All there are to be published in general circulation and spread among the students as a teaching aid, as well as among those interested in history, archaeology, ethnography and other sciences (…), so that the history became known to the rising generation and young people know what had happened in reality on their land many centuries ago”. 
It is impossible to meet a demand for the works by Acad. Z. Buniyatov irrespective of their printed copies. But it is time and present-day technologies that come to aid us. It is Internet and Web-site ziyabunyadov.az with his heritage (monographs, articles, reviews, essays) that enable everyone to get familiarized with them, and the knowledge obtained will help readers to sort things out.  Theses are different, ”sometimes excellent, more frequently useless”, however, his “Azerbaijan in the 7-9 centuries” exceeded the limits of ordinary dissertation work. Intimate knowledge was required to create a fundamental work indestructible and impregnable against any absurd accusations. A genuine scholar, he was the first to have proved the falsity of the Armenian concept of the Albanian ethnos. Ziya Buniyatov laid down the principles of further research into the history of Azerbaijan.  For the rest of his natural he worked for his Motherland, for his people and country: Hero of the Soviet Union, Acad. Ziya BUNIYATOV. The site will be open on the day he considered it to be sacred for him and revered all his life, in honor of all his brother-soldiers who lost their lives in the front and did not see the great Victory Day – May 9.
                                                                                                                         Kurbanova Z.